OTC One is a Chrome app OTC light client.




– OT 2.2.1 access and login/password
– Google apps or Gmail plain account


  1. From Chrome browser, install  OTC One application
  2. OTC One will be installed in Chrome environment: you can start it from the Chrome launcher, no need to start the browser
  3. Request your credential to eDemo SOS PASSWORD and fill out following URLs and your logins (OT Login & VPN Login)
  4. To avoid certificates errors, you must install eDemo OpenTouch Certificates
  5. Each time you relaunch OTC One application, you must give OT & VPN passwords.
  6. Read OTC One User Guide



=>  Troubleshooting:

  1. If OTC ONE can’t connect:

    -     Open this url https://conf44.al-mydemo.com and check if you have issues with your certificate.
         If you have some problems, go back to step 6.
    -    Go to CONTROL PANEL >> Internet options >> Connections tab >> LAN Settings
        If you use a proxy server, then go to Advanced
        and “Exceptions” form then add: *.al-mydemo.com
    -      Try a VPN Connection with SHREW, see Tutorial

  2. If you change your OT user ID, close all Chrome pages (and chrome.exe in task manager)
    if it’s not working, reinstall OTC One Chrome apps
  3. If you still have issues, can you run https://get.teamviewer.com/3txmygk and then give us id and password to allow us to take temporary control of your PC ?