Rainbow discovery tour


What do we show in this demo?



  • The Rainbow client application on PC. Possible also to connect the Rainbow users via the Web Browser interface (web.openrainbow.com) or with the Smartphone app (Android, iOS)
  • Rainbow user with O365/Outlook integration (click-to-call contact, calendar presence)
  • Rainbow user with GSuite/Gmail integration (click-to-call contact, calendar presence)
  • Group chat and advanced collaboration with video conference
  • Rainbow Conference option for scheduled audio meeting from any phone (PSTN)
  • Chatbot for flight reservation and IM/text automatic translation multi-languages

To run this demo smoothly, you will need:

  • An internet connection with an asymmetric link of 1 Mb/s download at least
  • 3 devices among laptop, iPhone, MAC, Android mobile


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