OTC iPad


  1. Install OpenTouch Conversation iPad from the AppStore
  2. Pre-requistes for VPN Less : outgoing ports TCP3760 (SIP signalling) and UDP 6050-6099 (voice RTP) on should be opened on your corporate firewall
  3. Ask your Account Credential here eDemo SOS PASSWORD
  4. Run OTC
  5. Select the QrCode icon and Scan your QR code receive by mail with your Credential
  6. Check your OpenTouch Credential:

Server:                srv44.al-mydemo.com
User name:              your OT login
Password:                your  OT password
Remote acces:
Server:               pub44.al-mydemo.com
Account:                   your eDemo  VPN login
Password:                 your eDemo  VPN password

  1. Launch OTC

Enjoy OTC!


VPN Connection (alternative)

  1. Pre-requistes for VPN : outgoing ports UDP 500 and UDP 4500 on should be opened on your corporate firewall
  2. Create a VPN Connection
    From Settings application, General/Network/VPN/add VPN Configuration, IPSec
    Enter the IPSEC details below and save:
    Description: name of the VPN configuration. Proposal: OTC_eDemo
    Server: must be gate3.al-mydemo.com
    Account: your eDemo SOS PASSWORD VPN login
    Password: your eDemo SOS PASSWORD VPN password
    Group Name: must be vpnipad@al-mydemo.com
    Secret: must be bq27hqa!
  3. Connect to VPN
    Once you have WiFi or cellular data, select VPN configuration, Switch VPN on

    If successful, you will see the logo:
  4. Configure OTC iPad
    From Settings application, OpenTouch
    Public Server Name : pub44.al-mydemo.com
    Private Server Name : srv44.al-mydemo.com
    User name: your eDemo SOS PASSWORD OT login
    Password: your eDemo SOS PASSWORD OT password
  5. Launch OTC
  6. Enjoy OTC!