OTConversation PC



What’s news in OTC PC 2.3

  1. Download and read the latest OTC PC Setup
  2. Install OTC PC
  3. Run OTC PC
    Launch OTC from the start menu
  4. Give server (public & Private) FQDN and your Credentials (OT and VPN)
    received by mail when you make a request on eDemo SOS PASSWORD
    User name: your OT login
    Password:      your  OT password
    Remote access config
    Server: pub44.al-mydemo.com
    User name: your VPN login
    Password: your VPN password
  5. Download OTC PC User Guide
  6. To avoid browser certificates error, you must install eDemo Opentouch certificates
  7. Enjoy!


=>  Troubleshooting :

  1. If MyIC PC is installed on your PC, download specific .bat file to authorize installation with an existing MyIC and used it to instal OTC PC
  2. If your OTC PC can’t connect:
    -       Go to IE, Tools >> Internet options >> Connections tab >> LAN Settings
        If you use a proxy server, then go to Advanced
        and “Exceptions” form then add: *.al-mydemo.com

Pre-requistes for VPN Less : outgoing ports TCP3760 (SIP signalling) and UDP 6050-6099 (voice RTP) on should be opened on your corporate firewall

Pre-requistes for VPN : outgoing ports UDP 500 and UDP 4500 on should be opened on your corporate firewall. To connect through VPN with SHREW please see tutorial