OpenTouch iPhone

Before downloading OpenTouch Conversation for iPhone, please ask eDemo support to add your phone number to your user id.

=> Install OpenTouch Conversation Plus

=> Download OTC iPhone user Guide OTCT

Launch OTC on iPhone

Scan QR Code receive with your eDemo SOS Password Credentials
Public Server Name :
Private Server Name :
User name : your eDemo SOS PasswordOT login
Password: your eDemo SOS PasswordOT password

If prompted, accept the security exception by clicking on OK

If prompted (VPN less connection), please enter your reverse proxy credentials:
User name: your eDemo SOS PasswordVPN login
password: your eDemo SOS PasswordVPN password


For VPN Less : outgoing ports TCP3760 (SIP signalling) and UDP 6050-6099 (voice RTP) on should be opened on your corporate firewall

For VPN : outgoing ports UDP 500 and UDP 4500 on should be opened on your corporate firewall. To connect through VPN with SHREW .