Hospitality/Healthcare demokit

You need to demonstrate
Smart Guest Applications, Mobile Guest Softphone, OmniPCX Record, Emergency Notification Server, OpenTouch Notification Service,
IPDSP On boarding or IP Desktop Softphone on iPad and PC?
This webpage is for you !

If this is your first Hospitality/Healthcare remote demokit (eDemo), it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the entire demo process. This means connecting to the demo platform and completing the demo script in its entirety before executing a customer facing demonstration (this means booking the demo for an additional timeslot).


Your needs:

  • An internet connection (if filtered, it must allow the UDP traffic from ports 500 and 4500) with a symmetric link of 1 Mb/s
  • A RAP (compatible with OAW R 6.5) to connect to our Data Center (controller address is If no DHCP is available, the associated console cable is mandatory.
  • 1 PC for the Concierge/Security (IP Desktop Softphone, Automation simulator, Emergency Notification Server and OpenTouch Notification Service screens)
  • 1 8082 in Noe mode (or a 8068 IP Touch) for the Reception / Doctor
  • 1 6450P10 switch
  • 1 8088 My IC Phone (Suite phone)
  • 1 iPhone or 1 Android (MGS Suite phone and OpenTouch Notification Service SmartApp)
  • 1 iPad (IP Desktop Softphone) for the Room service / Nurse

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Connect your Hospitality / Healthcare Demokit:

  • Once the RAP is provisionned on our side, all devices should be plugged-in DHCP behind the RAP (SSID “Thanks-edemo-team”, password “itrulyloveyou”)
  • Once the phones (your 8088 and others) are connected, please use as TFTP address.
    Prefix to set device out of service is 400.

User guides: