NFC Extended OXE Mobility



Media switching/ routing via NFC Tag for OXE users

=> NFC Extended OXE Mobility application allows a user to activate some OmniPCX Enterprise telephony features without any other interaction than approaching his mobile phone to a NFC tag sticked on a desktop phone

It is developed for Google Android environment and can be installed on Android mobile devices with NFC capabilities.

It allows the user to:

  • Shift an ongoing call from his mobile device to his desktop set or from his desktop set to his mobile device.
  • Forward his desktop set to any other set on the network.
  • Cancel a previously established forward to his desktop set.


Pre requisites:

  • Connect your Android Smartphone to eDemo Rap WiFi
  • Connect a Deskphone to the eDemo Rap
  • Buy some NFC tags “213” writable


  1. Ask eDemo Team to declare your Android Smartphone as a remote extension or softphone user and this extension has to be declared as secondary set of user’s desktop phone.
  2. Download – install  “NFC Extended OXE Mobility from Google Playstore
  3. Launch the NFC app and configure it with information provided by eDemo Team:
  • Local Number of softphone/remote:    Remote Extension Number
  • Select Mobile mode:                           (remote extension / IP Desktop Softphone)
  • Local Number of deskphone:              Deskphone Number
  • Main call server:                        
  • Twinset Get Call prefix:                       593
  • Enhanced Rapid Call Shif :                 588

And now select “Record NFC Tag Desktop phone”


To manage NFC tag for an OT and OXE user, you must download – install  “NFC Extended OXE Mobility admin” from Google Playstore