– OpenTouch Conferencing web client :

OTC-Web is the OpenTouch conferencing client that provides collaboration services for external guests and employees – such voice and video conferencing, chat, application/desktop or document sharing, participants management, and conference recording.
OTC-Web is a Web client that runs on most browsers and does not require installing any additional software.
Sharing (document/application/desktop) is not configured for users behind a proxy. If you need to demonstrate this feature in a such environment, please use Rainbow.


– Pre-requistes :

Install eDemo OpenTouch certificates.

Check with your network administrator that port TCP 10081 is opened (incoming SIP signaling).

– Start demonstration :

Open your browser and go to : (https://conf44.al-mydemo.com/otcweb/index.html?vanity=’your conf ID‘)


=> Upload a picture or Choose your Avatar or take a picture (activates the camera of your computer)

=> Fill-in your First Name and your Last Name

=> Select the number on which you want to be called: if  “Call me on my computer” is selected the call will be made through your browser using the WebRTC feature (only available for external guests).

=> Enter the “leader code” is you’ve been provided one

=> if a warning sign appears click on ‘Diagnostic’ to identify the problem

=> Then click on ‘Join’ to be called

If you have selected “Call me on my computer” a pop-up is displayed to join the audio conversation (WebRTC)



By clicking on “Accept” you’ll hear “say your name and then press #”.
If you can’t hear the voice guide, check your computer audio settings, otherwise contact your network administrator the port 10081 TCP might not be opened.

Key features to demonstrate:   

– Present and annotate documents (Adobe® PDF™, Microsoft® Word™, Excel™ and PowerPoint™)
– Show who’s talking : visual indication of participants talking
– Group chat or private chat with one or more attendees
– Add participants through direct dial-out or by email invitation
– Conference controls, such as mute and drop features.