Rainbow discovery tour

What do we show in this demo?

  • The Rainbow client application on PC. Possible also to connect the Rainbow users via the Web Browser interface (web.openrainbow.com) or with the Smartphone app (Android, iOS)
  • Rainbow user with O365/Outlook integration (click-to-call contact, calendar presence)
  • Group chat and advanced collaboration with video conference
  • Rainbow Conference option for scheduled audio meeting from any phone (PSTN)

To run this demo smoothly, you will need:

  • An internet connection with an asymmetric link of 1 Mb/s download at least
  • 3 devices among laptop, iPhone, MAC, Android mobile

If this is your first Rainbow discovery tour remote demo (eDemo), it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the entire demo process. This means connecting to the demo platform and completing the demo script in its entirety before executing a customer facing demonstration (this means booking the demo for an additional timeslot).

Platform information and demoscript