Latest Updates

To always bring you the best solutions to demonstrate
the different products of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise,
the eDemo team informs you about
new demonstrations and updates.

  • (Update) Opentouch server is updated into version 2.5MD1
  • (New) Rainbow Convy integration : demonstrate how Convy Chatbot gives the possibility to contact agents of our Rainbow platform
  • (New) Generic network : demonstrate how our network products implement (ERP, IP6 over IP4 for LAN, BGP, MED, QinQ / VLAN Stacking)
  • (New) Rainbow IoT with Sigfox network integration: show interaction between Rainbow and the Sigfox Network in the context of a specific healthcare business case
  • (Update) Rainbow appointment reminder: show to streamline the taking and the appointment reminder through Rainbow CPaaS relationship platform.
  • (Update) Hospitality/Healthcare demokit: show Room Service Management (IoT) throught Rainbow (demo guide ed 28 § 3.10.3).
  • (New) Omnivista Cirrus: show Omnivista Cirrus integration for Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality and Transportation.
  • (New) Rainbow showcase: show how Rainbow can provide to your end-customers/ consumers/ citizens with real-time communications to your employees using traditional PBX-based phone devices.
  • (New) OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services (LBS) : show position and movement of a virtual user in the Colombes EBC map , Geofencing and notifications, People tracking, Interactions with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow, Point of Interest, Wayfinding.
  • (New) Rainbow with SFDC integration: show how to use Rainbow pure CLOUD CTI Connector. No server, no licence on premise.